Why GroundWorks Management Exists…

GroundWorks Management is dedicated to laying the foundation for success and moving its creative partners into their dreams.  We offer a solid framework for success in a crowded marketplace of products, services and ideas. GroundWorks has always been about much more than just projects and goals. We’re all about serving, equipping and relationship.

GroundWorks was founded by Kortland Fuqua who, after working twelve years in the areas of promotions, marketing and operations, recognized the need for a support system for the ideas and dreams of those who are passionate about their creative gifts and messages. Kortland’s experience with financial development, marketing strategies and practical administration enable him to evaluate needs and construct detailed action plans.  Glenn McClure brings almost two decades of entrepreneurial experience to the mix.  He loves to help creative people dream big about their future and make connections that turn dreams into reality.  Together, Kortland and Glenn provide their partners with a complete menu of management and development services.  They are committed to results and dedicated to relationship.

We can help you define goals, develop product, target your market, even book your engagements.  But we also help you find balance, vision and motivation for the long haul.  We listen and guide.  We brainstorm and provide solutions.  From consulting to development and management, GroundWorks provides the support you need to reach your dreams.

GroundWorks Management is here to help you reach your dreams. We listen.  We ask questions.  We provide solutions.  We lead you into the future.  We’re ready to partner with you.

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